NAVHDA training is designed to prepare the dog and handler for hunting and the NAVHDA testing. Training includes obedience; pointing; steadiness to wing, shot, and fall; retrieval to hand from land or water; game tracking; gun sensitivity control; heeling; and backing or honoring another dogs point.

     Alaska-Yukon hosts a series of training events throughout the year. These range from weekly classes, weekend training clinics, as well as informal member gatherings. Our events offer hands-on training for you and your dog with experienced handlers' to provide assistance and advice. The Alaska-Yukon Chapter has handlers and dogs of  all levels training which presents a vast knowledge base to be shared. Being involved in chapter events also opens up opportunities for members to meet new training and hunting partners, share ideas and open opportunities to explore other hunting dog organizations and events. Our goal is for you to have a happy, well-mannered and fully trained versatile gun dog.

     Alaska-Yukon normally starts training during the first week of January with a six week force fetch and a ten week obedience class. This rolls right into our upland and waterfowl training which normally starts in May, depending on the weather. Our weekly classes are conducted on public land in the Peters Creek and Palmer-Wasilla areas. The chapter provides an avenue for members to purchase training birds to conduct training throughout the spring and summer. While training your gun dog it is critical to simulate real test and hunting scenarios and this can be best accomplished with live birds.   It is important to keep in mind “If you're training a bird dog, you have to have birds!

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